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A fanlisting is a group of people who like something: i.e. a group of people who like wolves. All a fanlisting is is a list of fans to do with that particular person, item, or object; it joins together people with similar interests.

souen no kiseki & akatsuki no megami

Is the ninth instalment in the series, and known outside of Japan as Path of Radiance. When the kingdom of Daein invades Crimea, disaster befalls the land. A young sellsword from Greil's Mercenaries, Ike, encounters a young woman on what should have been an everyday mission. Her claim is a powerful one: she is the heir, the princess, to the Crimean throne, but as to whether Elincia’s claim is true is clouded by the fact she was kept secret to the public. Unsure whether to believe her, Ike and company escort her to Gallia. But she has been kept a secret all these years, though this uncertainty is soon cleared as Daein itself attack the Mercenary fort. Ike sets out on a journey across Tellius, as the flames of war continue to spread…

Akatsuki no Megami, or Radiant Dawn, is the tenth instalment in the franchise and is a direct sequel to PoR, taking place three years after the start of events in the prior. The new war sweeps up the entire continent, waking the goddess Ashura pre-emptively from her sleep. She passes judgement, turning everyone to stone, except those with Yune, her opposite. With Yune, the returning cast and the new cast unite to save their world as they know it.


Nephenee hails from Crimea, born and raised in a farming village out into the countryside, which is the same village where Brom lives with his family. Nephenee herself is the eldest daughter of her own large family, having five younger siblings in total - three triplet brothers and two sisters. Her rural origins are often what leads to Nephenee preferring not to speak to others due to her accent (not that it stops her, because she's particularly just and righteous and isn't afraid to pick up a lance when needs must). In Path of Radiance, Nephenee is first introduced in chapter 10 as one of the prisoners (because she stood up and defended her village, naturally); if she is released and survives, she will join automatically from chapter 11 onwards. In Radiant Dawn, Nephenee is reintroduced during the first chapter of Part II, in which she acts as the leader of your army as she quells a local rebellion. She then travels to see Queen Elincia to inform her of the unrest and to offer her support in the capital, and later joins Ike's army in Part III.

Her starting class in Path of Radiance is Soldier, and she can upgrade to Halberdier, which is her starting class for Radiant Dawn, respectively. Her third tier upgrade is known as Sentinel. Soldiers are exceptionally uncommon as an allied force in Fire Emblem as a whole (she is the only female foot soldier, the others being Devdan/Danved and Aran. Ephraim performs similarly to a soldier until he promotes) - typically, soldiers serve as enemy troops in the earlier chapters and are often regarded as weak and easy to defeat. Thankfully, this is not the case with Nephenee. She really dominates if you give her the chance, and if you do, she will flourish.


Not only is she one of my favourite characters, Nephenee is probably my favourite unit, in all the Fire Emblem games I have played, ever. (My advice to anyone playing Tellius: use Nephenee. Please use her. USE HER.) I can rely on her and she will not let me down. Bait? Infiltration squad? Guarding an entranceway? Done and done and them some. When near her max level, nothing touches her; if anything does, Wrath activates and the enemy that was causing her a problem is finished. Her stats are always incredibly high, she caps speed and often resistance, she dodges marvelously, and she is a constant choice of unit that I take with me everywhere, anywhere I can. I really cannot emphasise how much I love her.

Put it this way; I have played Path of Radiance twice (four times, really, but only finished twice), and Radiant Dawn twice. Unit ranks? Nephenee was first in three of those playthroughs, and was only pipped down to third in a PoR playthrough by my sudden decision to use Oscar and Boyd, who you get ten chapters earlier. Oscar had a stellar run, incidentally. Nephenee is always incredible. Please use her.