even the odds

I've contemplated making a clique for some time, but everything I thought of was somewhat complex. It wasn't until a twitter exchange where certain parties expressed interest in a Fire Emblem class clique that it finally settled in my mind - this was easy! It was almost bizarre how it had never occured to me before! As such, I got to work, and Even the Odds came to life a few days later.

For sake of ease, I decided to stick with the classes that Robin could become in Awakening (except for manakete and taguel, which Morgan can class change to in some cases). Part of the reason is awakening popularity; the other is it's not so practical to get generic sprites from the Tellius games.

The layout was made by yours truly in Paint Shop Pro and Notepad. Images were found via google, and patterns used are from subtlepatterns. Fonts used are Lato and Dosis. All content is © Rems 2015, and Fire Emblem itself is copyrighted to Intelligent Systems and Nintendo. This site is just for fun.

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