The readily needed footmen that attack from a ranged distance. As the name suggests, archers are profficient with bows. With the proper training, they can eventually promote to a bow knight, gaining a mount and the ability to use swords, or a sniper, with lethal strikes and uncanny agility.


The cavliers are your everyday mounted units, who ride their trusted steeds into battle. They are either lance or sword users, but can pick up the other weapon type upon promotion to a paladin. They are robust and reliable units.


Fighters really like hitting things. They fight quick and dirty in close quarters with their weapon of choice, axes - both barbarians and fighters sacrifice skill for raw strength, which only heightens on promotion to a berserker or warrior.


A must for every army, healers are there to patch up your wounds with the use of staves, as well as to cast protection spells and the like. You can try hitting someone with a staff as a cleric or priest, but it won't do you much good. Both classes have the option to pick up an axe as a war cleric or war monk. Some clerics chose to take up a mount and become a troubadour, and with enough experience master tome usage to become a Valkyrie.


Clunk, clunk, clunk. This armour sure is slow. What knights sacrifice in speed is made up with sheer defense and their ability to tank against physical weaponry. Their promotion to general follows on the same vein, but great knights take up a mount and are formidable opponents... if their mount can ever get to the enemy...


Mikari Tara Todd
Tomes are a mage's calling, and their are varying schools of magic for the follow. The staple mage focuses on fire, wind, or electricity, and their mastery leads to them becoming sages. Meanwhile, dark mages wield dark tomes and can become a sorcerer or dark knight.


Ever felt the need to turn into a dragon? That is what a manakete can do! Whilst they wield no weaponry of any kind, manaketes switch from human to dragon form in the blink of an eye with the use of their dragon stone, and rain dragon breath down upon their foes.


Sword users, mercenaries are good all rounders. A mercenary can eventually promote to hero, in which their heroism only grows. Or something along those lines, anyway.


Delphine Rems
Speed, skill, and lethality is the call of a myrmidon. They only become all the more deadly and dodge tanks when promoting to sword master, and they are great units to take with you everywhere. Rems' personal favourite. Everyone should be myrmidons. Everyone!

pegasus knights

Crystal Kimba Lethe Samantha
Not just of legend, pegasus knights are the key to winning a battle, as their flying friends ignore most terrain restrictions. They are lance users only, unless they promote to falcon knight, in which they gain the use of swords, or dark flier, in which they gain the use of tomes - and that ever mystical galeforce, of course. What they lack for in strength is made up for in skill and ability to get away if the going gets rough.


Whilst the tactician does not particularly excel everywhere, they can dabble in most things, able to use swords as well as tomes. They are the true masters of the battlefield, and the rest look unto you for survival.


Like manaketes, taguel are swift and mighty attackers, but only whilst in rabbit form. Outside of it, they are about as defenseless as that poor bunny over there.


Was that the sound of your treasure chest being looted? Must have been a thief! Thieves are priceless (ah, puns) for their lockpicking skills alone, able to open doors and chests for free, usually. With enough support and coaxing, they can become great units in their own right by promoting to assassin or trickster.

wyvern riders

Camy Emma
Those that are wyvern riders are usually not from the same country as our lord, which means you might have deferred. Fliers, they sore above the battlefield, but are weak to magic and bows alike. They wield axes and can promote to either a wyvern lord, or swap out that wyvern to become a griffon rider.